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Choose the right plan

With 100% renewable source electricity a given, you need a plan that supports your needs and priorities. To help you choose, just answer two questions:

1) Do you want a Fix plan or Flex plan?

Every Fix plan we offer lets you fix the unit price of the electricity you buy. Our Flex plans allow you to watch the market and decide when the time’s right for purchasing your power.

Whichever option you go for, the power you purchase accounts for 40-50% of your total bill.

Here’s a summary of the reasons for choosing either Fix or Flex:


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Cost simplicity

Secure your prices up front, so you’re not always thinking about costs.

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Low risk

Manage your budget by avoiding the risk of buying power when the cost is high.

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For lower power consumers

If you use less than 2GWh of electricity each year, it’s best to Fix – you’re unlikely to save money tracking the market


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Cost control

Choose when to buy your power, as prices rise and fall.

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High rewards

Track wholesale power prices and calculate the best time to buy and save money.

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For higher power consumers

If you use more than 2GWh of power annually, you could mitigate risk and make savings by tracking the market.

2) How do you want to handle TPCs?

There are several ways you can handle TPCs. Your choices range from having a large degree of budget certainty through to having regular chances to maximise your savings or revenues. And there are options in between too.

So, you can fix most TPCs to make sure you stay in budget by minimising the risk of paying unexpected costs. Or you can choose not to fix any TPCs, track the energy markets, and take advantage of price fluctuations. This involves spotting the right opportunities, then selling or buying your power when you can make or save the most money.

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Drax biomass domes

Choose your source, with Plus

Our Plus option lets you choose the source of your renewable power.

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Personalised power

If your organisation's a heavy consumer of power, let's discuss our more tailored package: Bespoke.

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