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How to gain competitive advantage while achieving net zero carbon emissions

22nd November 2019

Achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 is a huge challenge for UK organisations. Yet the goal also provides a wealth of opportunity for forward-thinking enterprises, as our latest free white paper explains. Here’s a summary of how your organisation could benefit, plus four things you can do to get started.

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Energy efficient technology

This white paper shows how your organisation can use the latest technology to harness real-time data and help reduce both costs and emissions. For example, smart meters and LED lighting are just two technologies that can help you reduce consumption.


Read the white paper to learn how investing in your own renewable generating capacity can help you progress towards net zero emissions, while also reducing your electricity costs.

Energy storage

Find out how investing in battery storage can help your organisation reduce its dependence on the Grid, cut costs and lower carbon emissions. And how, alongside self-generation, batteries can even boost your bottom line.

Cost efficiencies

This white paper outlines the range of new opportunities available for achieving cost efficiencies as you work towards net zero emissions. For example, Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) can help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

With the Government’s 2050 target for GHG emissions target now set, we all need to act. And if you’re quick to do so, you’ll have a competitive advantage over your rivals.

To find out how your organisation can lead the way, read our ‘Net zero emissions by 2050’ white paper:

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