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How aiming for net zero can improve team engagement

9th June 2022

Doing the right thing in business doesn’t always necessarily pay back in the short term but aiming for net zero can. In fact, aiming for net zero can bring immediate benefits to your company’s retention and recruitment. It could even help improve your business performance.

How aiming for net zero can improve team engagement

The days when aiming towards net zero was purely an environmental concern are long gone. An organisation’s attitude and commitment towards the zero carbon energy transition now plays a huge role in how it’s perceived both internally and externally.

That’s the message coming through loud and clear from major recent pieces of research.

More than 64% of respondents to a recent comprehensive study say it’d be a “major factor” in influencing their decision to work for that organisation.

In addition, as many as a quarter of UK office workers report that they’d turn down a job rather than work for a business whose environmental record is poor.

Employees are committed to net zero

These attitudes stem from a genuine commitment among employees to make a difference in the journey towards net zero. It’s something that runs across the entire workforce and the entire country too.

National Grid recently found that “over three-quarters of UK adults want to play a part in reaching the UK’s net zero goal and more than half want to work for an organisation that helps us get there.”

In the wake of what’s been called ‘the Great Resignation’, this is enormously important for businesses.

Since the pandemic began, talent recruitment and retention’s become a major and growing challenge for huge numbers of businesses. Potential candidates are now very clear about the kind of companies they want to work for. Your company’s commitment to net zero’s an equally clear indicator that you’re the right sort of employer for them.

Your net zero goals could help your business save money

So, your net zero goals could help save you money on advertising and recruitment consultants. And ultimately, they could even help you save on employee churn, too.

That’s because a clear business vision can help you recruit a greater number of tomorrow’s leaders. With sustainability a key driver for who they work for, investing in these hires will help you to train and retain your employees to a higher level. This will give you more engaged employees of higher productivity that will cost your business less than going to market to replace them.

That on its own would be a powerful reason to make the most of your company’s commitment to net zero.

But improving recruitment and retention’s not the only added benefit that decarbonisation can bring your organisation. It can also help improve your performance.

Net zero can give your business a competitive edge

A commitment to net zero’s a sign that your business has sustainability at its heart and that commitment can even lead to improved performance.

Multiple reports and research projects going back over more than a decade show that this is not a short-term trend, but a long-term pattern.

Jeffrey Hollender, professor of sustainability at NYU Stern explains: “You will do better financially by doing things like having a great sustainability programme.”

A sustainability programme should include a roadmap detailing the measures and actions that drive results and tell your sustainability journey. Organisational structure, well-defined initiatives, and implementation plans should be included and treated as a living part of your business needs. Lastly, building flexibility into the plans and allowing them to evolve means you can meet everchanging organisational needs.

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