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Introducing: 14 of the oddest things we’ve read about smart meters

26th February 2020

Smart meters have been the subject of many headlines over the last few years - and not all of them have been entirely accurate.

There are plenty of misconceptions around smart meters, but we’re here to help shed some light and get to the bottom of these myths to reveal the true power that smart meters hold for businesses.

To help, we’ve tasked our own leading expert, Bjoern Reinke. Bjoern is our Director of Data and Data Science, who played a key role in the implementation of our Drax smart metering programme.

14 of the oddest things we've read about smart meters

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing a series of bite-size videos to counter some of the myths and misinformation around smart meters.

We’ve challenged Bjoern to provide answers to some key myths and concerns, including data security, privacy, and health and safety.

In our first video, below, Bjoern ponders the headline: “smart meters only reduce energy consumption by around 2%”. Click below to find out the truth.

There you have it: smart meters themselves don’t reduce energy consumption, but by giving you access to more detailed data around your energy usage, you’re able to make informed decisions for your business and customers.

If you’re interested in helping to create the energy network of the future, request a smart meter for your business today.

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