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Why should you outsource your fleet EV provider?

10th December 2021

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a hot topic in the world of business. They’re clearly the choice of the future for fleet managers – especially with the recent disruption at the petrol pumps. But what’s the easiest and most convenient way to decarbonise your fleet now?

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With so few genuine in-house EV experts, organisations are increasingly looking to outsource their EV provider. It’s one way to make the whole process simpler and less labour-intensive.

They make that decision because:


Specialist EV partners have proven experience in the field. They can help you to understand the benefits of fleet electrification, and use their experience and expertise so that you can focus on your core business.

Insights and hard data

You and your senior management team deal with facts rather than opinions. Insights and analysis can help you at every single step of your organisation’s EV integration journey, from making the initial case for EVs with the latest data, to delivering the vehicles.

It’s as much about energy as it is EVs

You’ll be making some very important choices during this process, including getting your charging point infrastructure right. You need a team behind you who you can rely on. Aligning with a power supplier that has EV fleet specialists allows you to get a complete picture of the task at hand. Knowing what your options and vision are over three to five years can save you money down the line with proper planning.

Get the big picture and the tiny details

You want to be confident that you’re getting the bespoke solution you need. A planned route to EV integration will help you achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your costs, at the same time as keeping your drivers happy. It could even help create new income streams.

We recommend a three-stage process that will make your life easier:

Step 1

First, look to review your fleet and infrastructure, energy consumption and business objectives. These will help you to set up your new – or update your existing – EV assets.

Step 2

Factor in the operation, control and maintenance of your vehicle charging infrastructure. This will also help you achieve operational efficiencies by analysing the performance of each of your EVs.

Step 3

Use the power of that data to maximise financial savings, reduce your environmental impact and, potentially, develop new income streams for your organisation.

We’re convinced that this approach makes the transition to EVs smoother and simpler for all our customers. But don’t just take our word for it.

Discover how we’re already helping SES Water with a bespoke EV service that’s delivered 30 charging stations and 10 EVs.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch and discover how we can help you and your organisation.

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