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Where our renewable source electricity comes from

1st October 2021

It’s official. At the end of March 2021, we maintained our status as a renewable source electricity supplier. It means when you purchase electricity from Drax you know it comes entirely from sustainable sources.

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Our product offering has been approved by EcoAct, an international consultancy that independently reviews our product offering, verifying that we produce renewable source electricity.

This is in contrast to the average electricity mix of energy suppliers in the UK which is just 34% renewable, having fallen from 38% in 2020.

We’re proud that even as the average electricity supply mix in the UK became less renewable, we maintained our commitment to building a lower cost, zero carbon power future for all.

There are four types of renewable sources that make up our electricity mix:

Technology group % of mix
Wind 57.0%
Bioenergy 25.3%
Photovoltaic solar 13.9%
Hydropower 3.8%

We can also confirm that the environmental impact for our overall fuel mix is 0g CO2/kWh. This means all customers who've chosen Drax's renewable source electricity can report zero carbon emissions for their purchased power (Scope 2).

Taking the UK to net zero emissions by 2050

For the UK to reach its objective of achieving a net zero economy by 2050, organisations of all kinds need to reduce the carbon-intensity of their operations.

Using a renewable source electricity supplier means however much electricity your organisation uses, your supplier will buy a matching amount from only renewable sources.

We buy power from electricity generators that have received government certificates, such as Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) or Guarantees of Origin (GOOs), which confirm the electricity generated comes from a renewable source.

By creating this demand for renewable energy sources, we’re helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the UK energy system and transition the UK to a net zero energy system.

Bringing more renewables online

Energy suppliers can also help businesses decarbonise their operations and bring more renewable sources onto the system by supporting small-scale and independent generators.

If your organisation has its own sources of renewable generation, we can buy excess power through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Working with independent generators is a key part of Drax’s renewable source electricity supply. We already partner with more than 2,300 renewables generators, helping them generate revenue from excess power.

Start decarbonising your business

Ready to decarbonise your business? Switching to a renewable source electricity supplier is just part of the equation.

Understanding how your organisation uses electricity, how you can build flexibility into your energy usage, or how you can begin generating your own power are all part of building for a net zero economy.

Get in touch to find out how industry know-how and experience can help you optimise your electric assets so you can take control of your energy, minimise costs and reduce emissions.

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