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Six easy ways for public sector organisations to cut emissions and costs

28th November 2019

According to Government figures for 2018, the public sector was responsible for 8.1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That’s led many organisations within the sector to try cutting down on their emissions while at the same time reducing their energy costs.

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To help, Drax has produced a free energy efficiency guide for the public sector.

It draws on research from The Carbon Trust, a not-for-profit that supports the UK’s move to a low carbon economy. Providing a range of no-cost and low-cost changes, as well as long-term savings, these easy-to-implement tips can make a big difference. Here are a few to get you started right now:

Switch lights and electrical equipment off

  1. Lighting can account for up to 8% of total power costs in the primary healthcare sector. So, switching off lights in areas that aren’t in use can make a huge difference to your electricity bills and carbon emissions.

  2. Turning off non-essential electrical items at the end of the day can also make a big difference. A single computer left on overnight costs £45 over the course of a year. Turning it off, or even simply putting it on standby, could cut that to just £10.

  3. Consider changing older lights to more efficient LEDs. At Drax, we achieved a 12% reduction in electricity consumption within the first month alone.

Think about your heating and cooling

  1. Place heat emitting equipment in cooler, north-facing areas of your buildings so they can contribute more efficiently to warming your colder spaces.

  2. Set the thermostat to a temperature that’s comfortable for everyone. Turning up the thermostat doesn’t make the space heat up more quickly, it just makes it too hot.

  3. Check that extractor fans aren’t left running unnecessarily. They might not be hugely powerful, but just one can increase the need for heat by as much as 5%.

Our free guide includes even more tips on saving both energy and money. Easy to introduce, these actions can help your public sector organisation achieve its environmental and financial goals – and support everyone’s efforts to tackle the climate change crisis.

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