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Smart meters – what’s in it for you?

13th June 2019

Smart meters launched in 2011, and there’s been mixed publicity about them since. Most of the negative coverage revolves around consumer apprehension and uncertainty about the benefits. Smart meter portability issues, as older ‘SMETS 1’ meters could limit users to just one electricity supplier, also caused concerns.

As a result, the take-up for smart meters among consumers and organisations has proved slower than the Government and industry had hoped. However, two factors are now changing the landscape.

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Firstly, the early adopters are seeing the real-life advantages of having switched to smart, including:

  • Saving time, thanks to automatic readings eliminating the need for manual readings
  • Only paying for what you’ve used, due to receiving non-estimated bills

What’s more, the introduction of a new generation of ‘SMETS 2’ smart meters is having a positive impact on an increasing number of users.

Over a million reasons to be smart

At Drax, we’ve only ever installed SMETS 2 smart meters for our customers, and now the rest of the industry’s catching up. So, if you’re about to ask your supplier for a smart meter installation, and you’re not with Drax, make sure you’re getting a SMETS 2!

The Data Communications Company (DCC), which establishes and monitors the smart metering data and communications infrastructure, recently reached a milestone on the UK’s SMETS 2 smart meter rollout. Its website puts the total of SMETS2 meters on the network (as of June 22 2021) at 12,301,153.

This is a great achievement for the industry, so isn’t it time your organisation made the switch too?

Why have a SMETS2 smart meter?

Thanks to the new universal communication system that the DCC’s established, SMETS 2 meters allow you to easily switch your electricity provider. This means you’re not tied to a single supplier, and don’t have to give up the benefits of a smart meter if you get a new deal.

As suppliers roll out even more SMETS 2 meters, new technologies will emerge and organisations with this kind of meter will be in pole position to take advantage. If your organisation makes the switch to smart, you’ll start reaping the benefits of automation, such as not having to submit your own meter readings and knowing that your bills are accurate.

And, with access to your ongoing consumption data, you’ll be able to analyse your electricity usage - perhaps with your supplier’s help. These insights could encourage operational changes across your organisation that lead to electricity (as well as financial) savings. Naturally, a reduction in usage will also have a positive ecological impact.

This sustainability-led argument in favour of SMETS2 is part of a wider evolution. The UK is moving towards a coal-free future where our reliance upon renewables increases. This means the way that Britain delivers and consumes electricity is changing – in ways that could have a profound effect upon your organisation.

As part of this change, we and our peers in the sector are looking to innovate. We’re already trialling more environmentally friendly ways of working and collaborating with customers on the adoption of battery storage and electric vehicles.

We’re also looking at exciting new product and service developments based upon the potential of SMETS2 meters. So, watch this space!

Your organisation can make a difference. Here’s how

The climate crisis is now much higher on the agenda of politicians and the public. It’s regularly featured on prime-time TV, the news and social media.

With this increase in awareness, and willingness to act, comes a sense of shared responsibility. And your organisation can contribute, too.

By looking at the way you consume power, you’ll start to see how small changes could make a real difference. A smart meter will provide you with usage data that could lead to behavioural changes and, potentially, cost savings. Even if these economies are relatively small, their impact will be much greater when consolidated across tens of thousands of organisations.

You could even take your electricity management to a new level with smart technology. Using a demand side response (DSR) approach to your consumption could mean simply turning off lights, heaters and printers for half an hour to save electricity. But DSR can also help you make use of spare power stored within your electric vehicle fleet, if you have one. This can give your organisation, or National Grid, power at peak times, so saving or even making you money.

With many other opportunities on the horizon, this a great time to get your SMETS2 smart meter installed. It’s your gateway to a world of electricity management possibilities.

To start making the most of your electricity data, and a difference to the environment, register for your smart meter today.

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