Rollover Rates

At the end of a SME customer's fixed term contract, they can renew with us, send us a termination notice or switch to another supplier. If the customer doesn't do any of these, we extend their contract for 12 months on Rollover Rates. They can leave this contract with 30 days’ notice at any point during the 12 months.

We charge these rates until the customer agrees a new contract or switches to another supplier. Please note that these rates are not fixed, and they may change at any time. We’ll always keep this page up to date with the latest rates, or you can find them on your bill.

Rollover rates can be higher than our within contract rates and customers could get a better deal with a contract. Contact us on 01473 632666 to discuss which options are available to you.

You can find our Rollover Rates for all Network Operator Areas below. These apply for all customers coming onto Rollover Rates from 10th June 2022.

Rollover Rates from 12th April 2022

Profile Class Day Rate pence/kWh* Night Rate pence/kWh* Standing Charge (pence/day) Other costs
1,2,3,4 55.11 43.2 400
5,6,7,8 55.11 43.2 400
0 (Half hourly) 46.51 + TNUoS* 1000 + HHAC* Metering/DA/DC/ Reactive power at cost


For Profile Classes 1-8, we’ll charge all day, evening and weekend units at the ‘Day Rate’ price.

For Profile Class 0 (Half Hourly), we’ll charge all units at the ‘Day Rate’ price. We’ll also pass through any costs incurred relating to excess losses and special visits.



If you want to end a rollover contract, you’d need to give 30 days written notice by sending a termination notice to