Charge Assist

How to charge your vehicle

You’ll need the Charge Assist app to start charging and to make a payment.

  1. Download the Charge Assist app by either:
    a. Visiting the Apple Store or Google Play Store
    b. Scanning the QR code below the socket your vehicle is connected to
    c. Visiting
  2. Connect your electric vehicle to a socket on the charge station
  3. Follow the instructions in the Charge Assist app to make a secure payment and to start charging
  4. To stop charging, press ‘Stop Charging’ in the Charge Assist app, or disconnect your vehicle from the charge station

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t access the internet on my phone to download the app?

You can either try using your mobile data or find a nearby WiFi network, if available.

Why can’t I find this charger on Charge Assist?

Please scan the QR code below the socket and it’ll take you directly to the relevant charger. If you’re not able to see the charger please make sure you’re zoomed in on the map.

What should I do if my payment fails?

Please check that you’ve entered your card details correctly and ensure you’re connected to the internet. If this doesn't work, try an alternative payment method if possible.

How much will my charge cost?

You can see the rate you’ll be charged in the Charge Assist app.

I’ve been charged £20 before I’ve charged. What’s this for?

This is a pre-authorisation charge, but you won’t be charged this amount, and it’ll be removed from your statement within 10 working days.

Why won’t my car charge?

After checking that you’ve connected the cable correctly to your vehicle, look for an error message on the charge station. If there is one, please call the support team on 0345 646 1630.

I’m unable to stop my session and remove the cable - what should I do?

Please do not try to pull the cable from the charger or your vehicle. Select ‘Stop charge’ in the Charge Assist app. If you’re not able to do so, you should be able to do this from your vehicle. If neither of these options works, please call the support team on 0345 646 1630.

Can I have a receipt?

You’ll be able to access your receipt in the Charge Assist app - they can be found in the sessions tab.