Renewable energy certificates

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Confirm your environmental credentials with certificates

Getting on supply with renewable power from Drax means you can report your Scope 2 emissions (see graphic below) as zero. To go further, our fleet electrification and asset optimisation services can cut your Scope 1 emissions too – and we can also discuss how buying our carbon credits can help to reduce your Scope 3 emissions.

The next step towards net zero is to buy Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – sometimes known as Energy Attribution Certificates (EACs). These guarantee the source of renewable power being generated around the world – and deliver other advantages as well.

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Watch this video to understand what RECs are and how you can use them to help your organisation improve its sustainability.

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The benefits of RECs

RECs can deliver Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) benefits and address your reporting of emissions. They also help to encourage renewable energy generation.

Back-up ESG claims

Back-up ESG claims

RECs can help to substantiate your environmental claims and therefore satisfy the demands of your stakeholders.

Report zero emissions

Report zero emissions

Getting both renewable power and RECs means you can report zero indirect emissions from purchased electricity.

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Support renewables

RECs encourage organisations to expand (or start) generating and stimulate the renewable power industry.

Worldwide coverage of RECs

Every REC represents the generation of one megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity somewhere in the world. We deliver RECs appropriate to the countries or regions where you operate.
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