Reaching net zero

the smart way

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Smart meters across your portfolio provide an accurate view of total usage, which affects your Scope 2 reporting, as well as offering valuable insights. A smart grid reacts quickly to supply and demand shifts, cuts energy wastage, and gets us all closer to net zero.

What is the smart grid?

Smart benefits

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Stay in control

Know what you’re using and make the changes you need

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Minimise costs

Avoid estimated bills and only pay for what you use

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Free up resources

Automated readings save your staff time and effort

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Support net zero

The smart grid’s helping the UK reach its 2050 target

Installing your smart meters

Discover our 3-step installation process

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Your protected data - smart meters

Your protected data

We keep your smart data secure and don’t store your personal info.

Your trusted partner - Smart meters

Your trusted partner

We follow the Consolidated Metering Code of Practice (CoMCoP) standards.

Your energy efficiency - smart meters

Your energy efficiency

We provide industry-specific and general advice about more efficient usage.

Your questoins answered - Smart meters

Your questions answered

We respond to your queries and offer a range of smart resources.

Our smart meter performance and targets for 2023/2024

We support the roll out of smart meters* for UK businesses.

Our install targets for 2024
Drax Energy Solutions 2023 Annual Target 2023 Actual Installs 2024 Planned Target
Electricity 1269 1839 0**

*Drax Energy Solutions only supplies electricity.

**The target value is generated by the formula provided by Ofgem. The smart meter rollout remains a Drax Energy Solutions priority, and we will continue to proactively install smart meters for our customers throughout the year.

Register for your smart meters today

Smart meters give you a more accurate view of how much electricity you’re using. The resulting insights can point the way to positive changes – for both the environment and your organisation. Whether you’re an existing or prospective customer, once you've registered, we’ll get in touch to guide you through the smart meter installation process.