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Powering the nation

In 2022, Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire generated 11% of the UK’s renewable power – the most for any single location, and enough to power five million homes.

We're going carbon negative – and our solutions enable you to do the same

Power generation

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The most renewable power

In 2022, we generated 11% of the UK’s renewable electricity.

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Security of supply

Reliable and flexible, we can quickly respond to National Grid’s requests.

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Carbon capture

We’re aiming for 7 million tonnes of carbon removals globally by 2030.

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Support for generators

We buy power from over 2,000 renewable generators across the UK.

Customer solutions

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Supply for UK plc

Drax supplies over 100,000 businesses and other organisations.

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EV services

We’re helping customers to electrify their fleets, install charging stations, and maximise the benefits.

Flex Clarity - Live or Reconciled


We find customers' flexibility to deliver reductions in usage, emissions, and costs.

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Carbon credits

With usage minimised, our carbon credits help customers offset hard-to-abate emissions.

Delivering positive outcomes:

Around the world, we’re delivering climate, nature and people positive outcomes wherever we operate.

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Climate positive

While generating renewable energy, we’re removing carbon dioxide (CO₂) from the atmosphere and storing it safely and permanently.

In the first half of 2021, our CO₂ emissions per unit of electricity were just 9% of their 2012 amount.

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Nature positive

We source our sustainable biomass from responsibly managed, healthy forests in the US South, Canada and elsewhere.

In the US South, annual wood growth increased by 112% between 1953 and 2015, and inventory increased by 108%.

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People positive

We focus on creating and supporting jobs, recruiting the best talent, being a great place to work and a good neighbour.

Deploying BECCS at Drax could lead to the creation and support of 10,000 green jobs in the Humber region.

Careers at Drax

We’re committed to a supportive, diverse and inclusive working environment and strive to attract, train and retain great talent.

Opportunities range from apprenticeships and work experience placements to managerial and leadership roles, in the UK and internationally. Colleagues can develop skills and get a competitive salary and benefits package.

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We’re strengthening our community engagement activities and, in 2023, introduced a new approach to philanthropic giving: the Drax Foundation.

Underpinning both is our commitment to being a good neighbour and playing a positive role in the communities and regions where we operate. For example, in the UK:

Supporting STEM Education
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