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Supporting your net zero journey

Your emissions reporting

Once you’re on supply with us, you can measure your carbon footprint and report your Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Then we can help you set – and achieve – your goals for cutting usage.
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Carbon credits

Done all you can on your Scope 1 and 2 emissions? Buy carbon credits to offset your hard to reduce indirect emissions and support carbon reduction and carbon removal projects globally.

Your emissions reductions

Our net zero solutions can help you deliver Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission reductions.

EV Support

EV support

By understanding energy and EVs, we support your charger installation and fleet electrification plans.

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Asset optimisation

We offer savings throughout your contract and access to flexible demand schemes that can boost your revenues.

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Buy power, get smart

Choose one of our Flex or Fix plans, make your portfolio smart, and link to UK generators via our CPPAs.

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Carbon credits

Our carbon credits offset emissions and support carbon reduction and carbon removal projects globally.

Drax CPPA supports Allied Glass

With this CPPA, Allied Glass can report its Scope 2 carbon emissions as zero, saving an estimated 12,000 tonnes of emissions versus the grid average.

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Turn insights into action

For over two decades, we’ve provided power and related services to Britain’s businesses and other organisations. Our insights put this energy expertise into the context of your commercial and operational needs.
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How supply chains can unlock net zero

Decarbonising your own supply chain – and abating your Scope 3 emissions – plays a key role in helping you to reach net zero.

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What’s a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

How do you guarantee that the energy your supplier provides is generated from renewable sources? Learn how with RECs.

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Carbon removals are vital to combat climate change

Here’s why carbon dioxide removals need to be in the action plan for your organisation’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.

Great deals for Drax customers

Our partners’ services range from calculating and tracking your emissions to installing LEDs, heat pumps and solar panels. Work with us and get service discounts while improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and cutting costs.

Make the most of your energy

Getting our renewable power as standard is only the first step on your decarbonisation journey. Our carbon footprint assessment tool, and our guides, can help you go further.

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Your carbon footprint

Our partnership with Notch lets you measure your carbon emissions and then start planning how to reduce them.

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Selling your power

From first decisions to kit installation and power sales, our PPA guide steps you through the process.

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Electrifying your fleet

Get our 8-step guide to electrifying your fleet, optimising operations and maximising EV performance.