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Fleet electrification SES vehicles

Whether you’re considering a fleet electrification plan for environmental benefits, cost savings or to beat the 2030 ban on new petrol/diesel vehicles, we’re here to help.

Electrification’s a complex process, but that doesn’t mean it has to be problematic. Our electric vehicle (EV) experts make sure your EV integration journey goes smoothly and delivers optimised benefits.

Using telematics to analyse the way your fleet works, we can support with the detail or the strategy. From planning charge station installation – through to delivering a tailored end-to-end EV solution – we’re electrification partners all the way.

EV fleet management

8 steps to fleet electrification

If you’re considering EVs for your delivery, operations or executive fleets, you’re moving in the right direction.

We’ve identified eight essential steps on the road to business fleet electrification. Download your free guide now to find out how to get started.

Fleet electrification - Delivering your EV evolution - Image

Delivering your EV evolution

We’ll help you build a bespoke business case that supports your transition to EVs, highlighting benefits such as cheaper running costs and charging with our 100% renewable source power. We’ll also explore how generating your own electricity could fuel your EVs while reducing your reliance on the grid.

Fleet electrification - Expertise means EV ease - Image

Expertise means EV ease

Working in partnership with you, we’ll provide a one-stop-shop electrification solution to make your transition smoother and optimise your benefits.

Mapping your route to electrification

From inception to expansion, our partnership service covers as much of the fleet electrification process as you need:

Fleet Electrification - Setup


We’ll assess your EV potential, understand your operational requirements and identify suitable solutions before scheduling and executing implementation.

Fleet Electrification - Management


We’ll give you the tools to operate and control your EV charging infrastructure, providing maintenance support throughout. We’ll help you analyse hardware performance to spot opportunities for operational efficiencies.

Fleet Electrification - Optimisation


Using our Management insights, we’ll help maximise your financial savings, reduce your environmental impact and act upon any potential for new income streams.

SES Water Team

Case study

Diesel takes a back seat at SES Water

To support SES Water’s commitment to sustainability, our team delivered a bespoke EV service including 30 charging stations and 10 EVs.

My Electric Vehicles

Our innovative, market-leading portal enabling organisations to manage their EV fleet and charge stations - and analyse their energy consumption - all in one place.

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With the government continuing to introduce plans for cutting carbon emissions, it’s vital to consider net zero initiatives your business can take. One way to achieve this is in switching to an electrified fleet.

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