Business EV solutions


Energy first – whatever your EV objectives

Our electric vehicle (EV) experts understand the importance of energy. Before you install hardware or choose EVs, we help you define your needs, understand your capacity and future-proof your investment.

Sharing insights and expertise as part of our partnership approach, we optimise the benefits of electrification – whatever your EV objectives.

FI Real Estate Management case study

What EV solutions do you need?

Whether you want to convert your organisation’s vehicles, boost your sustainability credentials or offer facilities to increase customer dwell time, we’re ‘energy first’ – but partners all the way.

Fleet electrification SES vehicles

Fleet electrification

Transition your delivery and operational fleet vehicles to EVs for environmental and financial benefits – and to beat the 2030 ban.

Destination EV charging

Destination EV charging

Increase dwell time, generate revenue and stay ahead of competition by offering the right EV charging solutions for you and your customers.

Workplace EV charging

Workplace EV charging

Offer your employees the convenience of workplace EV charging stations while boosting your environmental credentials.

EV services for optimising electrification

Charging payment and authorisation options and our market-leading portal:
electrification optimisation services at your fingertips.

Charge Assist app

Payment/authorisation options​

Contactless card/mobile or secure and accessible app-based payments for your customers and visitors. Or payment-free authorisation cards for your staff and drivers.

My EV portal

My Electric Vehicles portal

Our innovative, user-friendly EV fleet management system gives you insight into your EV fleet, charge stations and energy consumption in one online platform.

8 steps to fleet electrification

If you’re considering electric vehicles (EVs) for your commercial fleet, you’re moving in the right direction.

There are eight essential steps on the road to business fleet electrification. Download your free guide now to find out how to get started.

SES Water Case Study

Case study

Diesel takes a back seat at SES Water

To support SES Water’s commitment to sustainability, our team delivered a bespoke EV service including 30 charging stations and 10 EVs.

Our industry partners

We’re proud to work with industry partners to offer you the best EV solutions. Our partners include Alfen, BMM Energy Solutions, Charge Assist, Etrel, Mina and The Energy and Environment Alliance.

Memberships and accreditations

We’re proud to be an associate member of the BVRLA. This assures you of our commitment to delivering a professional EV solutions service that meets the highest industry standards and adheres to the Association's code of conduct. We’re also an accredited installer of the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV).


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Sound good?

We’ll help electrify your fleet or optimise any existing EV solution – just get in touch.