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business forward

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Our electric vehicle (EV) experts make sure your EV integration journey goes smoothly – and brings financial and environmental benefits to your organisation.

We’ll help you create and deliver a suitable EV strategy (or work with your existing plan and infrastructure). And we’ll support you with individual vehicles and charging stations through to end-to-end fleet solutions.

To do it, we analyse your telematics data and optimise usage – both now and in the future.

Drax Electric Vehicles

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Delivering your EV evolution

We’ll help you build a bespoke business case that supports your transition to EVs, highlighting benefits such as cheaper running costs and charging with our 100% renewable sourced power. We’ll also explore how generating your own electricity could fuel your EVs while reducing your reliance on the grid.

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Expertise means EV ease

Working in partnership with you, we’ll provide a one-stop-shop solution to make your life easier. Our planned route to EV integration will give you control of your energy, help you achieve your sustainability goals, reduce your costs overall and – potentially – create new income streams.

The A-Z of EVs

Our three-stage adoption process covers the whole EV journey:

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Step 1

We’ll review your fleet and infrastructure, energy consumption and business objectives before setting up your new (or updating your existing) EV assets.

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Step 2

We’ll take care of the operation, control and maintenance of your vehicle charging infrastructure, then analyse vehicle performance to achieve operational efficiencies.

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Step 3

Using our evManagement insights, we’ll maximise your financial savings, reduce your environmental impact and, potentially, develop new income streams.

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Case study

Diesel takes a back seat at SES Water

To support SES Water’s commitment to sustainability, our team delivered a bespoke EV service including 30 charging stations and 10 EVs.

Sound good?

We’ll help electrify your fleet or optimise any existing EV solution – just get in touch.