EV fleet management

EV fleet management

My Electric Vehicles is our market-leading EV fleet and charge station management system. Built for fleet, facilities and energy managers, the portal offers a unified view of electric fleet vehicles, charge stations and energy consumption data.

It provides an interactive map for tracking your metrics in real-time, plus unparalleled insights that enable cross-department collaboration to help drive your organisation forward.

Electric vehicle fleet solutions

One portal… three views

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Charge management

See the location, availability, performance and status of your EV charge stations.

My EV portal

Vehicle management

Use telematics to track your fleet in real time and deal with issues before they happen.

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Energy management

Explore your EV operation’s energy use within the context of your sites’ consumption.

Full transparency

From topline visibility, through live notifications, to granular insights – My Electric Vehicles helps you track operations, react to developments and prove the benefits your investment delivers.

data and technology white

Interactive, real-time dashboard map with topline data visibility

Corporate white

Headline fleet data and customisable reports

meter white

Energy consumption insights

People and engagement white

Live notifications for issue identification

For more information on My Electric Vehicles, download our brochure.

Laura Plumadore Head of Corporate Services

Drax helped us easily compare the costs for increasing our electric fleet, which helped us make our decision as we were easily able to compare these to our current costs.

SES Water Case Study

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