Managing your smart consumption

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Energy Assistant portal

Drax Energy Assistant is our purpose-built portal for smart meters. It provides the detailed energy insights you need to optimise your efficiency and make cost savings.

Suitable for organisations with up to 1,000 smart meters, it allows for in-depth analysis and comparison by meter, site, business area and time period.

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Comparative ease

View consumption by meter, by site, by business area or by time period – then compare to identify opportunities for optimisation and cost savings.

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Granular detail

Drill down to half-hourly consumption data, then generate reports and export them for offline analysis.

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Multiple meters

Energy Assistant’s made for organisations with lots of sites and/or meters – so all the data’s at your fingertips for visualising and inspecting.

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Simpler management requirements

If your organisation only has one or a small number of meters – or if you prefer quick visibility rather than detailed insights – our Energy Assistant app’s for you. Optimised for mobile and tablet, it lets you view high-level data while on the go – perfect if you’re not office-based.

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Not got a smart meter?

If you’re considering making the switch, you can register for our portal or download and explore our app to see the insights available. You can even request a smart meter from within the app itself.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to learn more about the Drax Energy Assistant portal, the app, or to discuss switching to smart meters in the first instance.

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