Our Intelligence articles feature analysis and commentary from our in-house experts, who also contribute towards our reports, guides, blogs and more. By explaining what’s happening in the energy industry and beyond, we aim to help you understand the potential impacts on your organisation.

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Created by our internal specialists and, from time to time, trusted third-party sources, this body of unique content provides what you need to know to support more informed decision-making.

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Expert analysis and commentary from Daniel Starman, our Sales Energy Market Lead, and other energy professionals.

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Blog articles

Articles that identify and explain the issues you’re likely to be facing – and provide a range of solutions.

Our April 2021 guide to Third Party Costs

Reports and guides

More detailed coverage of the problems your organisation may be facing – now and in the future – and what to do next.

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Case studies

Read how we’ve supported our customers and partners in achieving their commercial and net zero goals.

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