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New electricity connections

Getting you connected quickly

We’re proud of our ability to get you connected within five weeks of your request.

Setting up your new connections swiftly means we can have you online for move-in day and minimise disruption to your business-as-usual activities. It also means you’re benefitting from our renewable source electricity supply even sooner.

Prioritising your supply

We’ll manage the new connections process so you don’t have to worry about it. Let our friendly, efficient teams know about which meters you need to be connected or transferred and we’ll sort the rest.

Scroll down to understand our process – or download our guide for more information. If you’re ready to request a new connection, apply online now!

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Our new connections process

New connections graphic
Our 7-step guide features more details on new connections.

Download the guide

Sound good?

Renewable source electricity for your organisation's just moments away.