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Look at the options below to choose a Flex or Fix plan – and how you handle Third Party Costs (TPCs) – based on your commercial needs.

Flex or Fix?

With our Flex plans, you need to watch the market and then decide when to buy your power. Every Fix plan lets you secure the unit price of the electricity you buy.

For all Flex and Fix options, the power costs account for 40-50% of your total bill and TPCs make up the remainder.

Here’s a summary of the reasons for choosing either Flex or Fix:


business development power blue icon

Cost control

Choose when to buy your power, save money and reduce your costs.

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High rewards

Track prices and maximise your income by selling power at the right time.

High consumers icon

For higher power consumers

If you use more than 2GWh of power annually, you could mitigate risk and make savings by tracking the market.


Cost simplicity icon

Cost simplicity

Secure your prices up front, so you’re not always thinking about costs.

Low risk icon

Low risk

Manage your budget by avoiding the risk of having to buy power when the cost is high.

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For lower power consumers

If you use less than 2GWh of electricity each year, it’s best to choose a Fix plan – you’re unlikely to save money tracking the market

Find out more about these options

Fix or Flex is just the start

Once you’ve chosen the best plan to suit your needs, check out our other services. These will help you on your journey to achieving your commercial and sustainability goals.

Smart app hero

Smart meters

Smart meters give you a more accurate view of how much electricity you’re using. The resulting insights can point the way to positive changes – for both the environment and your organisation.

CPPA hero

Corporate PPAs

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) acts as a means of connecting the power your organisation consumes to a specific renewable power generator.

Energy certificates - Hero

Renewable energy certificates

Once you’ve started your sustainability journey, getting Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) can help you report zero emissions.

New electricity connections

New connections

Our quick turnaround time for new connections gets you ready for move-in day and minimises disruption to your activities.

Get personalised power

If your organisation's a heavy consumer of power, let's discuss our more tailored package: Bespoke.

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