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Fix your unit cost and how you deal with TPCs

Our Fix plans let you secure the unit price of the electricity you buy - giving you predictable power costs and minimising your risks related to commodity prices.

Each plan handles Third Party Costs (TPCs) differently, so your options range from budget certainty to cost transparency.

TPCs that we pass through to you may rise or fall.

Fix plans

Which plan?

Fix Complete icon

Fix Complete

Fix most of your TPCs

Fix Clarity  icon

Fix Clarity

Pass through most TPCs

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Fix Threshold

Fix main TPCs up to a threshold; pass through if they exceed threshold

Why choose it?

Fix Complete icon

Fix Complete

Budget certainty on the unit cost of your power throughout your contract

Fix Clarity  icon

Fix Clarity

The latest rate for TPCs and a fixed power unit cost (best when you expect TPC stability)

Fix Threshold icon

Fix Threshold gives you

Annual budget certainty, with a recalculated rate each year

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Understand how non-energy costs could affect you

Download our latest and previous Third Party Costs guides to see our forecasts and understand how changes to non-electricity costs could affect you.