Save – and earn

We’ll analyse the energy usage of your operations – including electric machinery, equipment and other assets – then suggest changes that optimise your performance and deliver monthly savings.

We can also help you take advantage of both Drax ElectriFlex, our own demand management scheme, and the demand flexibility service (DFS) from National Grid ESO (NGESO).

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Optimisation benefits

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Avoid peak costs

When electricity demand spikes, the price rises too. So, flexing your operations and energy usage in peak periods can deliver significant savings.

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Generate power and income

Producing your own power can help support the grid when demand rises while cutting your costs and selling your excess power to earn extra revenue.

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Trade energy

By flexing your operations and energy usage when short-term wholesale electricity prices rise, you can sell the nominated power you don’t need.

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Back renewables

Flexibly shifting energy use from periods of high demand helps maintain grid reliability as the UK becomes more reliant on intermittent renewables.

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Support stability

Reacting to grid signals by turning flexible assets up, down, or off reduces the need for fossil fuels to deliver grid balancing mechanisms.

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Get closer to net zero

Flexibility supports net zero cost-effectiveness as the grid spends less on running reserve assets and turning off renewable generation.

ElectriFlex and DFS – your flexible friends

Make the most of the flexibility in your operations by joining our all-year Drax DFS or the winter-only NGESO DFS.

UK Manufacturing

Drax ElectriFlex

Your participation with Drax ElectriFlex means we can minimise your exposure to peak network and industry charges, and estimate the value of using your flexibility in balancing services. If you decide to proceed, we'll share the value with you.

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As demand-side flexibility becomes an even more significant tool for organisations and NGESO as the UK strives to meet its net zero targets, we’re committed to continuing our support.

Almost £1.2M revenue for our customers

The Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) generates revenue from assets where demand can be flexed and electric vehicle charge points.

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Turn insights into action

For over two decades, we’ve provided power and related services to Britain’s businesses and other organisations. Our insights put this energy expertise into the context of your commercial and operational needs.
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Sundown Products saves £35,000

Sundown Products, an agricultural manufacturing business from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, is the latest organisation to save money annually with Drax Electric Assets.

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Building flexibility into your electrical assets

By reacting to the peaks and troughs in the cost of electricity, you can reduce energy expenditure and, if you have renewable generation assets in place, gain extra revenue.

A guide to electric asset optimisation

A guide to electric asset optimisation

Our new guide shares what electric asset flexibility is, and the 4-step process you can expect to go through when exploring your organisation’s flexibility potential.

Make the most of your energy

Getting our renewable power as standard is only the first step on your decarbonisation journey. Our carbon footprint assessment tool, and our guides, can help you go further.

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Your carbon footprint

Our partnership with Notch lets you measure your carbon emissions and then start planning how to reduce them.

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Selling your power

From first decisions to kit installation and power sales, our PPA guide steps you through the process.

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Electrifying your fleet

Get our 8-step guide to electrifying your fleet, optimising operations and maximising EV performance.

Sound good?

We’ll help electrify your business and optimise any existing assets – just get in touch.