Know exactly what

you’re saving

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We can deliver fixed, committed savings to your organisation by analysing your electric machinery, equipment and other assets, reviewing your operations and energy usage, and then optimising it all.

We’ll help you reduce the unit cost of the power you consume – by a fixed amount, for 12 months. For some customers, this could generate annual savings of tens of thousands of pounds.

Opt for optimisation

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Flexible usage for fixed savings

After our analysis, we’ll model your potential savings and achievable revenue - made possible by our ability to take advantage of energy market complexities and price variations.

Our optimisation process

We’ll go through the following stages with you:

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Step 1

During our energy audit, we’ll research your sector’s consumption data, oversee your on-site surveys, and report on the potential for you achieving savings and new revenue streams.

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Step 2

We’ll agree a clear contracting structure that’s part of your supply arrangement. We may also need to install control systems on your assets, so we can manage them in the ways you’ve agreed.

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Step 3

Once we’re trading your power, we’ll start tracking the value and then use the data for re-evaluating our arrangement when your initial 12-month optimisation schedule is close to ending.

Sound good?

We’ll help electrify your business and optimise any existing assets – just get in touch.