EV financing options

Charging management

We offer ways to help you fund your EV charging infrastructure

The upfront investment required for electrification projects can be daunting. It can even make the difference between embracing the opportunities that EVs offer – and sticking with the status quo.

That’s why we partner with asset finance specialist, Horizon, to offer you ways to spread the expense of implementing charging solutions. The financing options relate to your direct infrastructure costs. But they could also cover your infrastructure upgrade costs (works by the Distribution Network Operator to support additional energy requirements, as necessary) and asset replacement costs.

Which option best suits your situation?

The table below will help you compare the different finance options we offer.

EV financing options comparison table
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What’s the process?

If one of the above options would work for your organisation, the process of securing financial support and implementing charging facilities is simple:

  1. Contact us requesting details of the relevant option
  2. We discuss options with you, providing indicative costs
  3. Request a quote based on your specific requirements
  4. We pass on our implementation costs to Horizon to prepare a finance agreement quote – and then return it to you
  5. Sign the agreement, make an advance payment (usually equivalent to one or two months’ lease) and we begin installation

You’ll only need to start making ongoing payments once your hardware’s in the ground.