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What type of energy meter is right for my business?

11th July 2022

Metering technology has improved vastly over the last decade. Gone are the days of having to submit manual meter reads to get an accurate bill. We offer two types of meters to our customers that ensure accuracy. But should you get an advanced meter (AMR) or a smart meter (SMETS)?

What type of energy meter is right for my business - HERO

What is an AMR meter?

AMR stands for Automated Meter Reading device (AMR). This works by establishing a one-way connection between the customer and their energy supplier. It provides your energy supplier with usage data and eliminates the manual element of reading your meter.

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Smart meters are similar to AMR meters in that they send usage data to the supplier and eliminate the need for you to manually submit it, but they are more efficient.

They’re sometimes referred to as ‘SMETS’ – ‘Smart Meter Equipment Technical Specifications’. SMETS2 are current smart meters that are a second-generation technology.

You’ll be able to see your usage for every half hour, through your online account. Your consumption data can be available at your fingertips, allowing you to assess the costs or savings, and show decision-makers where inefficiencies or benefits lie. From anomalies that may mean equipment is left running or an electrical fault exists to benchmarking against your competitors.

The data smart meters provide isn’t just limited to consumption data. They also collect information that help suppliers and network operators balance energy supply and demand more effectively. If there’s a power outage, the network provider can reroute power to the affected areas in a quicker manner.

If you do suffer from any issues with your meter, two-way communication with SMETS2 also means some problems can be resolved remotely, saving you time arranging an appointment for an engineer’s visit.

Why go smart?

Using two-way communication, smart meters help to incorporate renewable power and react faster in emergencies. It enables you to make more informative decisions, giving you more control and benefitting from operating in lower cost periods of energy. As technology develops it could lead to smart meters automatically prompting systems to power on or off depending on supply and demand. Smart meters will be key players in the drive to a net zero future. Find out more about smart meters and the smart grid in one of our previous blogs.

Interested in finding out more?

With over 1.5m UK firms embracing smart meters, the business benefits and adoption are clear. Smart meters provide peace of mind, flexibility, and transparency to the energy cost of your business operations.

We automatically offer microbusinesses a SMETS meter, but larger businesses can choose which option is best for their business, since in some cases their complex energy needs will make an AMR meter more suitable.

Get in touch with Drax today to see if you’re eligible for a smart meter.

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