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Video: Why the smart grid is at the forefront of the energy revolution

11th September 2020

The way the energy industry works hasn’t changed all that much for decades now. But we’re at the start of an energy revolution, with the smart grid at the forefront.

How power is generated, distributed and used is changing, with electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise and renewable generation becoming cheaper and more popular. The country’s power network (National Grid) needs to support these changes – finding a way to balance supply and demand more efficiently and cost-effectively. The answer to this problem? A smarter grid.

Flexible, reliable and efficient energy: Why we need a smarter grid - Hero Image (Apple)

Using two-way communications, the new smart grid will help incorporate more renewable power and react faster in emergencies. It will also use the local storage of electricity (like batteries in EVs) to manage unexpected peaks.

What’s in it for you?

The smart grid will help National Grid by supporting the introduction of decentralised electricity production, much of it from renewable sources. Some will be intermittent, such as wind and solar. As a result, the smart grid will allow for more reliable, efficient electricity. And benefit your organisation, too.

Monitoring consumption in real-time, and changing behaviour as a result, lets power consumers become stakeholders in the electricity system. Smart meters and the smart grid facilitate a form of demand-side response, notifying suppliers like us when electricity’s cheaper or more plentiful. In turn, your organisation can use less electricity when the supply is low or demand high, saving on costs.

And that’s just the start of it. As the grid becomes smarter, the benefits will grow too. And as smart technology develops, smart meters could prompt systems to automatically switch on or off depending on demand and supply. For example, EVs could be programmed to charge automatically when renewable sources like wind and solar are plentiful.

With the Government targeting net zero carbon emissions by 2050, organisations and individuals need to play their part. Smart meters and the smart grid will be key players in this revolution. The smart grid, which is the UK’s intelligent, connected electricity infrastructure, will underpin our transition to a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

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