Supporting you through the energy crisis

Supporting you through the energy crisis

What's going on in the energy market?

The government has announced further details on its support package for businesses, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

The UK’s amid an energy crisis, with supply struggling to meet demand and prices soaring. We’re aware that the knock-on effects are having an impact on organisations of all sizes, and we want to do what we can to support you. It’s important to understand what’s causing the crisis, how it’ll continue to present a challenge and what you can do to limit its impact.

Energy market information and resources

We’ve gathered relevant articles to help you understand your bills and to explain how our work helps meet energy demand. You’ll also find links to help you manage your energy spend and get support.

What costs are in my energy bill? - Image

What costs are in my energy bill?

As well as energy consumption charges, your bill also includes ‘Third Party Costs’. This article unpicks them so you can understand more about what you’re paying for.

Why are energy prices going up? - Image

Why are energy prices going up?

Learn how the reliance on Russian gas supply and increasing Third Party Costs have driven up electricity prices, and understand how your organisation can limit the impact.

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Energy security in uncertain times

When the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, Drax biomass and hydro-electric facilities will continue to help balancing the grid to make sure supply and demand align.

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Get a smart meter

Smart meters help you track the energy you use so you can take control of your usage.

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Business debtline

A free, independent and confidential advice service for businesses with debt problems.

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Your industry-specific guides to energy efficiency

Tips on energy efficiency

There are many ways every organisation can streamline its energy usage. Here are some industry-specific energy efficiency guides that could help your business.

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