Be future positive

Be future positive

Organisations in the UK – and across the world – are on a journey to a more sustainable future. Drax can help you navigate that road, reduce carbon emissions and support your commercial goals too. Find out how:

Explore our products

Our products can help you meet increasing demand driven by electrification and technology, while cutting emissions and costs.

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Buy power

You can buy renewable source power today – guaranteed.

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Sell power

We’ll help you find a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) that suits your needs.

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We can help you take control of your energy while minimising your costs and emissions.

What’s next?

Explore our website to find out more, or download our free guides:

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Electric vehicles

Our electric vehicle (EV) experts make sure your EV integration journey goes smoothly.

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Whatever your technology, volume or risk appetite, we’ll help you find a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).