Access to your energy data whenever, wherever

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Our free Energy Assistant app helps you feel more in control of your energy,
even outside of business hours.

It connects to your smart meter to give you insights into how much electricity you’re using (in kWh or pounds and pence) anytime, from anywhere.

Make informed choices about your energy

Will you use the same amount of energy month-to-month? How much energy do your appliances use when there’s no one else on-site? Now you can make informed choices to become more efficient.


Be prepared for your bill

– even before it’s due


Spot & stop unusual energy use

Such as outside business hours


See where you can save

– and how effective your actions can be

The app is available to you if you’re a Drax customer and you can connect up to 10 SMETS2 smart meters. You can download it for free from your relevant app store. My Smart Energy is compatible with Apple mobile devices using iOS10 or later and Android mobile devices using operating system 5.0 and above.

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