Energy Bills Discount Scheme

What it means for you

The Government has introduced the Energy Bill Discount Scheme. This scheme will apply a discount to energy usage for 12 months between 1 April 2023 and 31 March 2024, based on the wholesale price of energy.

Variable (deemed, ooc, variable) contracts are not currently eligible for a discount based on current wholesale prices. If wholesale prices were to rise in the future, any discount provided by Government would automatically be added to the customer’s bill.

What if you have additional energy market exposure?

If you have entered into any arrangements outside of your supply contract to manage risks associated with wholesale prices and are expected to use more than 0.5GWh a year or use more than 0.5MW in any half hour, then you need to be aware of part 4 of the EBDS Regulations. You can find more details on the Government's Department for Energy Security and Net Zero website.