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Finding the right balance

If managing your costs seems to conflict with reducing your carbon footprint (decarbonising) and being more sustainable, we can help. Our experience working with customers in both the private and state education sectors means we can support your efforts to find the right balance.

Achieving your goals

Our supply plans and added value products provide what you need. This includes how to deal with the non-energy elements – the Third Party Costs (TPCs) – making up around 50% of each bill.

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Fix supply plans

For budget certainty

Fix the price of your energy and your TPCs

Pick a premium plan to support renewable generation in your local area.

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Electric Vehicles

For fleets and car parks

Take advantage of our end-to-end support on EVs.

Keep staff and students happy with an EV fleet and car park charging stations.

Educational Resources

Student activities

For extra engagement

Visit Drax Power Station and Cruachan for free.

Get STEM resources, webinars and more to support your students.


We’ve arranged discounts on our sustainability partners’ energy efficiency services:

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Decarbonisation support

This easy-to-use tool reveals what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions.

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Sustainability surveys

Check which decarbonisation projects to pursue with a no-cost site survey.

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Significant discounts

Save money on installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and LEDs.

More educational resources

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Learn online

We’ve created videos and other teaching resources to help students learn online.

PPA guide

Generate and sell power

Our guide to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) explains how generators sell electricity.

EV Fleet Academy

Switch to EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the way forward. Get our free guide to electrification.