ETII discount and heat networks

ETII discount

Are you eligible?

Under the Government’s Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS), organisations that qualify as an Energy and Trade Intensive Industry (ETII) may be eligible for an even greater discount.

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code relating to your economic activity also determines whether you qualify or not. You can discover your code via Companies House.

Check SIC code

What’s next?

If it looks as though your SIC code qualifies your organisation for the ETII discount, you need to register as soon as possible. You only have 90 days from 26 April 2023 (the scheme’s introduction date) to complete the application form, which takes about 30 minutes.

Once you’ve completed your application, the Department of Energy and Net Zero (DESNZ) will assess your details and evidence, then tell us whether you’re eligible or not.

Complete form

As per the Government’s guidelines, we’ll apply an ETII discount for you (charging 70% of the rate against 100% of your volume, rather than 100% of the rate against 70% of your volume).

Customers Monthly WAP Government ETII Support Price Max ETII Discount Final ETII Discount 70% ETII rate for billing
£100 £185 £89 -£0 £0.0
£200 £185 £89 -£15 -£10.5
£300 £185 £89 -£89 -£62.3
£400 £185 £89 -£89 -£62.3
£500 £185 £89 -£89 -£62.3

We’ll then apply any EBDS discount, charging 30% of the rate against 100% of your volume (rather than 100% of the rate against 30% of your volume).

Customers Monthly WAP Government EBDS Support Price Max EBDS Discount Final EBDS Discount 30% EBDS rate for billing
£100 £302 £19.61 £0 £0.0
£200 £302 £19.61 £0 £0.0
£300 £302 £19.61 £0 £0.0
£400 £302 £19.61 -£19.61 -£5.9
£500 £302 £19.61 -£19.61 -£5.9

EBDS heat network support

The EBDS also supports Qualifying Heat Suppliers (QHS) serving domestic end consumers. If you’re a QHS, the law requires you to apply for this support and pass on the benefit to your customers.

There’s more information on the website.