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Naomi Nye

Naomi Nye

Head of Sales

Having held senior sales positions within the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry for over a decade, Naomi has had the privilege of shaping the evolution of EVs and EV charging infrastructure from the onset. Now leading the Electric Vehicles Sales team, Naomi supports customers by helping them develop their strategic plans for EV roll-out.

Naomi has featured in...

Naomi has authored many insightful articles - both on the Drax website and in several industry publications. Here are just a few examples.

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Future-proof your EV fleet with an energy expert

Partnering with an energy expert will get you through the process of electrification and prepare your business for the future.

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Drax EV research reveals that a third of UK businesses are planning to invest in EV charging infrastructure over the next year.

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As Apple prepares to switch to standardised charging, why can’t the EV industry do the same?