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5 reasons why you need on-site charging for your electric vehicles

13th October 2020

Is your business one of the many that are thinking about making the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) for your fleet? If so, here are five important reasons why on-site charging is a must.

To date, 66,611* electric vehicles have been registered in 2020. That’s the highest number of EV registrations in this period since the Plug-in Car Grant was launched in 2011.

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1. Ensure your fleet is charged and ready to go

There are three main considerations when thinking about switching your fleet to EVs. One the biggest is charging, ensuring your vehicles are able to safely access chargepoints and keep them on the move.

To date more than 300,00 EVs have been registered for use on the UK’s roads. In contrast there almost 20,000 publicly accessible chargepoints at over 12,000 locations across the country.

A recent report in the Daily Telegraph highlighted some of the worrying risks that some EV drivers are taking to charge their vehicles. Large numbers admitted to using domestic multi-socket extension leads to charge their vehicles at home – sometimes in a ‘daisy chain’ arrangement. Given the dangers of both fire and electrocution that this method presents, it’s not something any business would sanction – but is it happening with your EVS, without your knowledge?

In contrast, having an in-house charging network means that you can be sure your vehicles are charged simply, efficiently and – above all – safely.

2. A standardised charging system for your fleet

There are a number of different – and sometimes competing – charging systems available for EVs. Some offer faster charging, while others can be specific to a particular make of vehicle. To compound the issue, public charging points can be out of service when you need them.

Since the charging network infrastructure is still evolving, standardisation may yet be some time away. Having your own on-site charging network cuts through this uncertainty and makes it easier, more efficient and cost-effective for your business and your staff.

3. Save money – get the right tariff for your charging system

Charging a fleet of EVs can use a lot of electricity. So, you need to make sure you’re on the right supply tariff with your supplier, and paying the right price for the electricity your fleet needs. A good supplier – like Drax – will support you with your on-site charging network, ensuring that you get the right tariff for your business.

4. Improve your bottom line - use your EVs as battery storage

One untapped feature of EVs is their ability to store a lot of electricity. Companies are now looking at their EVs as a way to store the electricity that they’ve either generated themselves – through solar panels or wind turbines – or purchased off the grid at relatively cheap rates.

Once the correct infrastructure is in place, these organisations could then have the potential opportunity to sell the power back to the grid at a higher price - when demand increases, for example – or use it on-site.

5. Make your workplace more attractive to existing and prospective employees

Given how difficult it can be for EV drivers to find a convenient charging point, providing an on-site network can be a real benefit. With more people choosing electric vehicles, offering an easy way to charge them while at work – especially if it’s free of charge – can be very attractive. This can appeal to both current and prospective members of staff.

Find the right partner – one that’s invested in your future. Choosing a charging system that meets your business needs is a lot easier if you can count on unbiased and expert advice. We’d always recommend that you look for an ‘energy partner’ that can help with your decision-making and then deliver the right solution for your business.

Make sure you choose a supplier that will invest in a long-term relationship with your business, supporting and advising you throughout.

To find out more about how electric vehicles and charging networks can help your business, please get in touch using our contact form.

*Source SMMT YTD 2020 BEV registrations