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How ready are we for carbon removals? Download the Report

Carbon removals are going to have an important role to play in our route to net zero. Simply reducing our emissions is no longer enough – and leading scientists and organisations agree. To achieve the 1.5C Paris Agreement target and reach net zero, we need to deploy carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies.

Drax recently published the Carbon Removals Report in association with The Energyst. The report examines why we need carbon removals and explores what scalable technologies are ready to make them a reality. It also surveys the magazine’s readership to look into how ready organisations are to take the steps needed to reach net zero. And to find out what’s holding others back.

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The report’s key findings included that:

  • Many organisations already have net zero commitments - 67% of respondents to the survey said that they already have a net zero target.
  • Larger companies are more likely to have a net zero target than smaller ones and high-level involvement is one of the key differentiators between those organisations that are on a pathway to net zero and those that are not.
  • Organisations understand that the development and implementation of CDR technologies need to accelerate if we’re to have any chance of meeting our targets.
  • Lack of knowledge is holding organisations back. More than 4 out of 10 cite a lack of knowledge about the available CDR technologies that they could use at scale. They also need to know they can access them, and what support they might receive.

As well as exploring the state of play, the report features several deep dives into the need for CDR technology, carbon removal standards and how we can scale CDR up to the necessary level.

Download your edition of The Carbon Removals Report now.


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