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Driving change: The state of electrification in the UK

With reports that the implementation of public-facing electric vehicle (EV) charge points behind schedule, how are businesses getting on with providing facilities for their drivers, staff and visitors?

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We recently commissioned detailed research into UK businesses’ electrification progress. The results will be valuable to fleet, procurement, operations, facilities and project management professionals in industrial and commercial organisations navigating their own electrification transition.

By carrying out the research, we wanted to understand which sectors are leading the EV, and charging infrastructure, transition. We were also keen to know how far these businesses had got in their electrification journeys and, accordingly, what the priorities and the challenges to adoption are.

We carried out both quantitative and qualitative research including:

  • 405 online interviews with Senior Decision Makers in large businesses, across sectors
  • Eight in-depth interviews about electrification decision-making

This helped us back up high-level evidence and general trends with specific accounts and qualifications.

The report’s key findings included that:

  • Nearly half of UK businesses have installed some charge points as part of wider sustainability efforts. However, of these, 42% have charging access in fewer than 10% of their parking spaces.
  • Businesses are yet to commit to electrification providers – only one in four have appointed specialist electrification support.
  • The primary motivator for installing and expanding charging infrastructure is to keep up with charging demand – although sustainability benefits are still of importance.
  • Businesses aren’t aware of the electrification support that exists and instead are spending considerable time working through information to find insights of value.
  • Price is the most important factor in choosing between providers/specialists, though businesses recognise value, too, if providers can prove short- and long-term benefits.
  • Cost is the biggest blocker to electrification adoption and implementation.

The ‘Driving Change’ report goes into more detail on these findings, breaking them down into five clear sections:

  • The market now
  • What’s motivating the market?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How are fleet operators making decisions?
  • What are the barriers?

Download your free copy of the report for a comprehensive overview of UK businesses’ electrification progress and a window into their electrification plans.

Download free report

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