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Electric vehicle compliance and regulations: a checklist for your organisation

What compliance and regulatory considerations do you need to keep on top of with an electric vehicle fleet? Our checklist helps guide your organisation so you can keep on your decarbonisation journey.

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As the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry in the UK grows and matures, compliance and regulation are becoming more important. If your business is considering making the switch to an EV fleet, you need to think about what action you or your electrification partner will need to take in the following areas:

1. Security

EV charging stations are a link between your vehicles and the grid, so it’s vital to ensure that they’re completely safe. They’re also part of the internet of things, and linked to a vast amount of data, as well as the banking system. So, cybersecurity is important too.

Achieving digital safety will require multiple information and security management systems. They’ll need to align with industry best practice standards, such as ISO 27001, and meet the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to your businesses. These include:

  • The Network and Information Systems Regulation (NIS)
  • Data Protection Act
  • Smart Energy Code (SEC)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)

You may also need to be audited annually for SEC and PCI-DSS compliance by an external party.

To maximise security, you’ll also need security policies that will need to apply to all colleagues, customers, stakeholders, suppliers and third parties.

2. Health and safety

Charging stations contain a direct connection to electrical supplies. This can be extremely dangerous. Health and safety is absolutely vital when installing and maintaining and using them.

This requires following standards set by industry bodies including, but not limited to:

  • The IET Wiring Regulations
  • Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation
  • Manufacturers Installation instructions and guidance.

We follow all these standards when we work with any of our customers, and we ensure that our designs and installations are safe and compliant through site drawings and site surveys.

3. Following – and setting – new standards of governance

The EV industry is evolving, with new standards and regulations constantly being set by the Government. This can be difficult to keep up with.

At Drax, we’re proud to be at the forefront of industry and regulatory change through our membership of Energy UK, our steering group position at the REA EV Forum, and associate membership of the BVRLA.

Thanks to our industry position and decarbonisation expertise, we can advise organisations on everything from grant funding, to staying on top of initiatives like Demand Side Response (DSR).

As the industry continues to change, and government and professional bodies introduce new schemes and new systems, expert support will continue to be essential.

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