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We used electric vehicles to save 11.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions

25th January 2021

Putting sustainability first and being energy efficient has big benefits for organisations – including Drax. One way to reduce our environmental impact and make our business more sustainable at every junction was to encourage the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

The decision was made easier by the fact that EVs will be widespread by 2030 and delivering financial benefits to – while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of – the early adopters.

We used electric vehicles to save 11.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions

Why electric vehicles?

One of the most overwhelming EV benefits is environmental and their ability to help improve local air quality.

Fully electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrids driven in electric mode, produce no harmful tailpipe emissions. That means no carbon dioxide (CO2), no nitrogen oxide (NOx), and no particulates (atmospheric aerosol particles).

Adam Hall Head of EV, Drax

EVs can really help your business meet its sustainability goals. And this is especially true if you’re generating your own renewable energy to charge them.

Adam Hall

The transport sector accounts for around 33% of all CO₂ emissions, so electrifying offers a way for organisations to cut their carbon emissions and improve local air quality.

However, the road-map to electrification is hard to navigate without expert advice. The Drax Electric Vehicles team can help guide you.

On the route to carbon-zero

After investing in solar panels at our Ipswich and Northampton offices, encouraging the switch to EVs was the next logical step.

Our Electric Vehicles team worked hard to find the most efficient and cost-effective charging solution for our needs at the two sites, from a wide range of available options. We installed charge stations and connected them to our solar panels to create a carbon neutral charging infrastructure, for use by Drax colleagues and office visitors alike.

The solution delivers a future-proof infrastructure, as we can connect additional charge stations when needed.

The results

In the first year, our EV charge stations were used 950 times, discharging 14MWh. This saved over 11.5 tonnes of CO₂ emissions, as well as NOx and other aerosols, from polluting our local communities.

How can we help you?

We’d like to repeat the success we achieved at our two offices with your organisation – wherever you are in the UK. If you’d like to reduce your carbon emissions and electrify your company’s vehicles, our Electric Vehicles team can help.

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