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Our illustrated renewable generation guide

29th March 2021

Drax is one of the largest supporters of renewable generation in the UK, partnering with over 2,300 renewable generators and helping to support independent, low-carbon generation.

From community-owned wind turbines to large-scale solar and hydropower, we’re supporting those businesses and individuals all across the UK who are contributing to a lower cost, lower carbon energy future.

Partnering with renewable energy generators

This map shows some of the generators we work with across the UK, buying their excess electricity and supplying it in turn to UK businesses through electricity suppliers, Haven Power and Opus Energy.

For the 2019-2020 reporting period, here are the renewable energy sources our supply uses:

Fuel Overall Renewable Products
Renewables 100% 100%
Natural Gas 0% 0%
Nuclear 0% 0%
Coal 0% 0%
Other Fuels 0% 0%

How do we purchase power from independent generators?

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are contracts which allow people to sell their excess generated power to a licensed energy supplier. Businesses and community groups that have installed solar panels or wind turbines can use the power generated either to reduce their own energy consumption and their energy costs. Spare power generated can be sold on, creating extra revenue.

Helping businesses transition to zero carbon

At Drax, we’re helping businesses of all sizes reduce their environmental impact. We’re the biggest supplier (by annual consumption) of renewable power to UK businesses, and one of the largest supporters of renewable generation. It’s our ambition to be carbon negative by 2030, and we want to help other businesses get there too.

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