Your net zero journey

Many businesses and organisations are looking towards a net zero future where you can succeed sustainably without choosing between your commercial goals and your net zero goals.

A great commercial strategy is a more sustainable strategy. One that starts with how you use energy and leads you to cutting emissions, controlling costs, and thriving – all with our support.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework explained

We’re the UK’s largest generator of renewable electricity and provide renewable power as standard, as well as a range of energy services. We can help you better understand your carbon footprint and plan your net zero journey. We’ll offer guidance on reducing and reporting emissions while optimising assets to save more, risk-free.

If you generate power, we can help you sell it. If you have a fleet of vehicles, we can support your transition to electric vehicles and provide the infrastructure you’ll need. To help counterbalance your hard to abate emissions, we can pass on the benefits of negative emissions through bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

Wherever you are on your net zero journey we can help make your decarbonisation goals more achievable.

Your renewable energy

Decarbonisation services can help to enhance your net zero journey. That journey begins with renewable power – which we supply as standard.

Our range of products gives you the choice of how to manage your energy costs. It’s up to you whether you fix or flex.


Generator advantages

Cost control

Choose when to buy your power, save money and reduce your costs

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Budget clarity

Understand your usage with transparent billing and direct access to our trading desk

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For higher power consumers

If you use more than 2GWh of power annually, you could mitigate risk and make savings by tracking the market with a Flex plan


Cost simplicity icon

Cost simplicity

Secure your prices up front, so you’re not always thinking about costs

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Budget certainty

Simple, fixed bills every month that don’t expose you to the risk of market price changes

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For lower power consumers

If you use over 30MWh each year and want budget certainty, a Fix plan could be right for you

Your needs, satisfied

Whether you choose to fix or flex, we offer customer service tailored to your needs.

Want to manage your account online?

You can, simply and easily, with My Drax Energy. Access your account from wherever you are, at any time via desktop, tablet and mobile. Submit meter readings, check your account balances by site and analyse your energy usage. And get exclusive access to offers on selected partner products and services.

Do you need to connect a new meter?

We can usually get you up and running within four weeks.

Have complex energy needs?

Our Account Managers are here to help.

Want to understand impactful market changes

Read our regular Intelligence content curated by our market experts.

Your carbon footprint

Once you’re on supply with us, we can provide you with the tools to measure your carbon footprint. Since we supply renewable power as standard you can report your scope 2 emissions as 0.

AI and smart meters are making your business greener - Hero image

Buy power, get smart

Once you choose one of our Fix or Flex plans, you can make your portfolio smart (if it isn’t already). Smart meters can give you an accurate view of total usage for Scope 2 reporting and offer valuable insights into your usage.

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Asset optimisation

We can offer you risk-free savings throughout your contract as well as access to flexible demand schemes that can boost your revenue. We’ve saved our customers over £1M from flexibility services.

Destination EV charging

EV charging solutions

If you’re electrifying your fleet, and installing charge points at your workplace or destination, we have EV services and infrastructure to support your journey.

Galloway Hydro CPPA

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

With a CPPA you can buy power from a specific renewable power generator. This supports the UK renewable energy industry, helps you manage power price risk and shows your stakeholders your commitment to sustainability.

Sell energy feature list

Selling your power

Generating your own power can be complex. We can offer guidance and support from your first decisions through to installing kit and selling the power you generate.

How to cut emissions and meet sustainability standards - carbon credits

Carbon credits

If you've done all you can to reduce your Scope 3 emissions but are still struggling to meet your targets, Carbon removals and carbon credits can help counterbalance your hard to abate emissions.

Your energy partnerships

Do you want to go further? We know each company’s net zero journey is unique, so we've partnered with a range of organisations to ensure we have solutions to suit your needs.

Through our partners, you can also access additional services at discounted rates.
Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Framework explained

Carbon accounting

Understanding your carbon footprint is a key part of your net zero journey. That’s why we offer all our customers comprehensive carbon accounting and training for free.

From CEO to CSO, who should lead net zero change in manufacturing? - Hero

Upgrade to LED

Upgrading your lighting to LEDs can help you to cut energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. And you can get a 10% discount on LEDs once you’ve become our customer.

Man crouching on solar panels

Solar PV

Solar can be a great way to begin generating your own energy and making money from your assets. Once you’re on supply with us, you can claim a 5% discount on installation costs to help get you up and running.

Air source vs ground source commercial heat pumps - Hero

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways of reducing heating costs and supporting your Scope 1 emissions. As a Drax customer, you can get up to 10% off heat pumps to help decarbonise your heating.

Sound good?

Whether you're starting out on your net zero journey, or just looking to up your game further - get in touch and find out more about any of the products and services that we offer.