Dispelling smart meter myths

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There have been various myths and conspiracy theories relating to smart meters. In this series of videos, our smart expert, Bjoern Reinke dispels the false rumours surrounding them.

Data and technology

Are smart meters helping hackers get our energy data?

Is our data going to be sold to healthcare companies?

Could data be used to work out when I have a shower?

Can burglars use our data to know when we’re not home?

Are smart meters “big brother devices” used to stalk?

Can smart meters be infected with a computer virus?

Usage and supply

Are people being blackmailed into getting smart meters?

Do smart meters stop working when you switch supplier?

Will suppliers use installation calls to sell products?

Will suppliers increase prices when demand is high?

Will suppliers gain by no longer needing billing staff?

Smart meters only reduce energy consumption by about 2%


Will a smart meter make my pet sick?

Do smart meters emit harmful radiation?