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6 considerations for a successful electrification journey

Our ‘Plug into progress’ guide looks at six key elements organisations should consider when planning EV charging infrastructure. Mapping out your electrification journey – whether it’s to power your electric fleet or provide charging facilities for customers, visitors, or staff – is vital to avoid expensive mistakes.

Scoping the route from assessment and building the business case – through to optimising your investment and embracing future innovations – the guide takes you through the transition, stage by stage. It also features practical tips, gleaned from our years of experience managing electrification projects.

Here’s a quick look at the considerations…

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Understanding both your organisation’s operational requirements and its business objectives is key to tailoring a suitable electrification plan. ‘Plug into progress’ digs into the process involved in analysing fleet data and provides valuable advice for securing internal support.


The cost and disruption involved in on-site works makes installation the stage organisations most fear. However, with the right planning – including carrying out electrical site surveys and defining site management responsibilities – you can minimise the operational impact and ensure you’re investing in future-proof solutions.

On the road

Fleet managers need to engage with drivers as early as possible in electrification planning. Understanding the impact the changes will have on day-to-day tasks – and ensuring drivers feel comfortable using charging hardware – will help with a smooth changeover.

Maintenance and operation

Your initial assessment and planning will have set you up for receiving the data you need to manage your investment effectively and identify optimisation opportunities. Now it’s time to leverage the timely insights your vehicle telematics devices and hardware management platforms provide to maximise efficiencies and minimise downtime.


The process of electrification should be part of your organisation’s wider sustainability journey. Learn how to optimise the emissions and cost reductions EVs and charging infrastructure can provide – while measuring the benefits to evidence your sustainability credentials.


Look beyond implementation to ensure your fleet and infrastructure stays compliant and benefits from the latest technological developments. It may even be possible to start generating revenue from your investment over the coming years.

The transition to EVs and supporting infrastructure’s a complex business. But you don’t have to go through it alone. ‘Plug into progress’ also outlines the benefits of partnering with an electrification expert for upfront planning and end-to-end process support.

Download the guide now and get your fleet transition on the road to success.

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