Smart meters, smart business

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Smart meters give you a more accurate view of how much electricity you’re using. The resulting insights can point the way to positive changes – for both the environment and your organisation.

Whether you’re an existing or prospective customer, once you've registered, we’ll get in touch to guide you through the smart meter installation process.

Smart meters: the benefits


No estimated bills

You only pay for what you use

Time machine

No wasted effort

Your automatic meter reads save you time


No extra fees

You’ll pay nothing for installation or maintenance


No unknown usage

Your consumption data puts you in control

Your smart meter installation

To help us keep your downtime to a minimum on installation day, follow our three simple tips.

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Be at work

Make sure someone’s available to clear the way to the meter

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Save work

Remind colleagues to save their files before the engineer powers down

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Get back to work

Start working again quickly – appliances will be off for only a short time

Our customers are benefiting from smart meters

Installations, the smart grid and efficiency

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What to expect on smart meter installation day

Watch our video, and see below for our three-step installation process, to help you plan for your installation day.

Smart grid

From smart meter to grid

Your smart meter will help the UK’s emerging smart grid both integrate renewable power into the energy system, and efficiently manage electricity supply and demand.

Smart energy efficiency

Your energy efficiency

Check out some industry-specific, and more general, energy efficiency advice.

We follow the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). Read our 'What to expect...' guide to learn more about your installation.

Business smart meters data capture

Your protected data

We keep your smart meter data secure and don't store your personal info.

14 of the oddest things we've read about smart meters

Your peace of mind

Our smart expert, Bjoern Reinke, has created a series of videos that dispels the untruths surrounding the roll-out and use of smart meters.

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How to use your smart meter

Once you've got your smart meter, you'll want to know how to get the most out of it. We can help. Visit our 'Smart meter resources' page to get started on the road to better energy efficiency. You can also find out how your smart readings will show on your bills, download smart meter user manuals, and more.

Our smart meter performance and targets for 2023

We support the roll out of smart meters for businesses in the UK - here are our installation targets for 2023:

Our install targets for 2023

Drax Energy Solutions 2022 Annual Target 2022 Actual Installs 2023 Annual Target
Electricity 2166 1870 1269

*Drax Energy Solutions only supplies electricity.

Questions and feedback

If you’ve checked our smart meter FAQs – see button below – and can’t find an answer, please email We’ll also send you a few questions in an online survey – it’s your opportunity to give feedback.