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We’ll help you electrify your fleet, implement a charging infrastructure or optimise your electric assets so you can take control of your energy, minimise costs and reduce emissions. Our industry know-how and experience support your sustainability aims and commercial goals.

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EV does it

Whether you’re aiming to convert your business fleet or introduce charging facilities for new revenue streams, we’ll help you plan for electrification success. The Drax Electric Vehicles team provides support as your needs change, helping you take control and optimise benefits.

Reap the benefits of fleet electrification or charging infrastructure installation. And save money by optimising how and when you use electricity.

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Opt for optimisation

We first analyse your electric machinery, equipment and other assets. Then we look at your operations and energy usage to see where you can make savings. Reducing the unit cost of the power you consume by a fixed amount could save you tens of thousands of pounds annually.

Let's electrify your organisation

Our electrification teams are reducing carbon emissions and costs, both for us (see below) and our customers. We can do the same and more for your organisation.

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We cut energy output in Ipswich by 29%

Our office in Suffolk exceeded our target of improving energy efficiency by 25%.

We used electric vehicles to save 11.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions

We used EVs to save 11.5 tonnes of CO₂ emissions

After installing a solar array and battery, encouraging EV usage was the next logical step.

Great deals for Drax customers

Our partner offers help customers improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and cut costs.

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Sound good?

We’ll help electrify your business - just get in touch.