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Drax launches My Electric Vehicles

11th October 2021

We’re proud to announce the launch of My Electric Vehicles, a first-of-its-kind fleet management platform for businesses.

My Electric Vehicles provides fleet, facilities and energy managers with the real-time data needed to manage their electric vehicle fleet, charge points and energy consumption data on one user-friendly platform.

One portal, dual visiblity

Our market-leading tool combines fleet, charge points and energy consumption data, to provide real-time updates. Through an interactive map, businesses can see their full electric vehicle (EV) fleet and charge points across the country, in a single interface.

My Electric Vehicles also shows how vehicles and charging stations are performing, flags issues and offers solutions on how to resolve them, reducing vehicle downtime and improving productivity.

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Quantifiable environmental impact

Today, road transport accounts for over a quarter of the UK’s emissions, and business sales make up around two thirds of new EV registrations in the country. Decarbonising this sector will make a significant impact on the UK’s journey towards net zero.

With My Electric Vehicles reports, you’re able to view CO2 savings in near-real-time, making it easier to report on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. With our year-to-date CO2 saved and trees saved counter versus a diesel fleet (shown on your Reports Dashboard) quantify the environmental impact of your switch to electric to your colleagues, board, and customers.

And with trending data on your fleet’s eco safety score, you’re able to dive deep into the data and fine-tune your drivers’ actions and routes to make your fleet as environmentally efficient as possible.

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Quantifiable cost savings

While an electric fleet can mean a big initial cost investment, you’ll soon see the longer-term savings come to light with our monetary reports. Get the finance team on board with your year-to-date cost savings from your EV fleet compared to a diesel fleet.

And download vehicle and charge-station specific reports to further optimise your operations to maximise cost savings.

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Find out more

Whether you’re a fleet, facilities, or energy manager, we can support your journey to a more electric future. To learn more about our end-to-end electrification offering - including My Electric Vehicles - get in touch.

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